Neil Leadbeater

Nació en 1951, en Wolverhampton, Inglaterra. Se graduó en Repton School, Derbyshire, University of London (1973). Su obra poética abarca, hasta la actualidad, los siguientes volúmenes: Hoarding Conkers at Hailes Abbey (Littoral Press, 2010); Amazing World (Atlantean Publishing, 2010) y Librettos for the Black Madonna (White Adder Press, 2011).
Sus obras forman parte de las siguientes antologías: The Review of Contemporary Poetry (Ed. Gary Bills) (Bluechrome Publishing, 2005); 101 Poets For a Cornish Assembly (Ed. Les Merton) (Boho Press, 2006) y The Real Survivors Anthology (Ed. Barry Tebb) (Sixties Press, 2006). Poemas y cuentos de su autoría han sido publicados en las siguientes revistas: Aabye’s Baby; Aireings; Aspire; Awen; Bard; Breathe; Candelabrum; Carillon; Chanticleer Magazine; Coffee House Poetry; Creature Features (Chipre); Critical Survey; Curlew; Dandelion Arts Magazine; Decanto; Dial 174; Earth Love; Envoi; Exile; Fife Lines; Fire; First Time; ibid; Inclement; iota; Island; Lines Review; Littoral Magazine; Markings; Never Bury Poetry; Oasis; Obsessed with Pipework; Panda Quarterly Poetry Magazine; Pennine Ink; Pennine Platform; Phoenix New Life Poetry; Poetic Licence; Poetry Cornwall; Poetry Greece (Grecia); Poetry Monthly; Poetry Monthly International; Poetry Nottingham International; Poetry Scotland; Pulsar; Purple Patch; Pushing Out The Boat; Quantum Leap; Quarry; Reach Poetry; Red Herring; Reflections; Sarasvati; Saw; Sepia; Superfluity; The Dawntreader; The Eildon Tree; The Journal; The Red Wheelbarrow; The Seventh Quarry; The Shop (Irlanda); Thorny Locust (Estados Unidos); Understanding; Urban District Writer; Urban Landscapes; Voice and Verse; Yorkshire Journal; Weyfarers y Writer’s Review.